We are a parking technology company driven to make things easier for car park owners and their customers

With decades of experience in the parking industry and in creating technology that works, our mission is to:

  • Create a  more user-friendly parking experience for the motorist
  • Help car park owners to better control their operations and in the process increase yields
  • Provide a holistic service for parkers and asset owners
  • Create agile technology solutions to solve parking challenges
  • Provide employers with flexibility to better manage their parking assets and improve staff wellbeing

Accuracy Matters & Integration Enables

Our solution’s foundation is a sensor in every car parking bay providing sub-minute accurate occupation status. Physical hardware at sites is integrated with modern event driven, status aware control software. The result: unprecedented control, enhanced customer experience and confidence.

SharePark – “Go There”


Our team shares decades of international parking industry experience and offers first-hand knowledge of car park management and parking technology. We understand carparking and have created an innovative solution tailored to the needs of today.


1. How does SharePark work?

Similar to a toll road e-tag account, users create an account in a couple of minutes with some personal details, vehicle details and a credit card. Use the location map to find a SharePark enabled car park closest to your destination. Reserve a parking bay at known busy times if preferred, or simply turn up and consume parking by the minute. You will be recognised on arrival via licence plate recognition or use of a private account linked QR code. Personalised signage messaging will direct you to your allocated bay. Your transaction will be processed automatically on departure. Full transaction reporting is then available online.

2. Is my reservation guaranteed?

Yes, SharePark builds upon a foundational Parking Guidance System that has a sensor in each parking bay to provide minute accurate occupation data. Forward reservations combined with accurate occupation data allows the system to track utilisation and prevent reservations being made if they can’t be facilitated.

3. How often do I need to park to have an account?

There are no minimum usage or transaction requirements. Use SharePark as you need it, when you need it and only pay as you consume.

4. What if I’m a permanent parker?

You will be set up in the SharePark system as a permanent parker. Your parking bay will be available to you as and when you need it. Whilst SharePark facilitates residents, permanent parkers, visitors and casual public customer transactions, the system will be configured with separate areas designated to each parker category. Analysis of trends and future requirements then inform business rules within the system, allowing category areas to flex up or down by day of week and time of day to match changing requirements.

5. What if I’m a visitor? How does this work?

A visitor reservation will be created for you by an existing SharePark user, someone authorised within the Company that you’re visiting. You will receive an email or SMS with your visitor reservation details. Upon arrival, license plate recognition or QR code provided will identify you/your visitor reservation. Personalised signage messaging will direct you to the parking bay that has been reserved for your use.

6. How do I make a reservation?

Simply log in to your SharePark account, select the parking facility you wish to make a reservation at and follow the prompts to select the vehicle you will be using, the date and time you wish to park and duration. It only takes a minute and your parking bay will be reserved for you. Payments are automatically processed using the payment details attached to your account.

7. Do I need an account?

To reserve a parking bay or consume casual parking at a SharePark enabled site, you do need to have a SharePark account. They are free to create and simple to set up.

8. How do I locate a convenient parking spot?

Use the location map function in SharePark to locate a convenient parking facility and once a reservation has been made a bay will be assigned to you.

9. Can I have multiple vehicles within one account?

Yes. Simply add vehicle and licence plate details to your account and select the vehicle you will be using when you make a reservation.

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